RW Zukin Real Estate Services

RW Zukin Services

RW Zukin Corporation has been providing vertically integrated services to its multifamily clients for over 49 years. We manage nearly 2,500 units with a combined value in excess of $500,000,000

  • Property Management
  • Affordable Housing Management and Compliance
  • Receivership
  • Property Acquisition Assistance
  • Value-add Renovations

We are committed to providing outstanding services which lead to maximum profitability and significant returns on investment for our clients and partners.

RW Zukin History

RW Zukin Corporation was originally founded in 1965 by Richard W. Zukin and a group of Bay Area real estate investors. In 1971 Richard Alhona joined the company. During his 40 year tenure, Mr. Alhona went on to lead the company and eventually purchased the company from its founders. Under his leadership, the company’s activities have included investment, property management, receivership and renovations. Today the company’s primary focus is property management throughout Northern California.

In April 2011, Bob Talbott and Scott Mencaccy acquired the company with the intent of growing the company by providing multifamily real estate services based on our longstanding successful principals. Bob and Scott have combined multifamily experience of over 50 years with strong background in operations. They have managed in excess of 80,000 units with individual portfolios of up to 43,000 units throughout their careers and have experience in with institutional, public, and private owners. Their backgrounds also include other facets of real estate including, but not limited to, asset repositioning, renovation management, development, ground up construction, lease-ups, acquisitions, dispositions, and due diligence services.